Project Description

Hackathon Mi Madre Tierra 2015


Project Brief

Umaeye is a project developed by Lightpath a Bolivian startup. It is a real-time watersheds monitoring system, which consists of two main parts: a network of water sensors (Ph and temperature) and the web application to monitor the data in real time.

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

To design and develop this project we use Arduino to get water data, then we connect our sensors in real time with Umaeye app using sockets with node.js, the data is stored in mongodb and our webapp frontend it is developed with  angular-lumx.

Initial Concept Planning

The initial prototype consists of a handmade sensor with arduino that sent data via udp to a basic web app and you could see the variation of values such as pH and water temperature in real time on console.

Drafts & Revisions

Throughout the process of design and development of the water quality monitoring system we had the task of making the system work without Internet, for that reason we decided to use MQTT communication protocol to connect the sensors to each others.

Final Delivery

The final version of Umaeye implementing by Lightpath and the Ministry of Water and Environment of Bolivia in the basins of Bolivia, consists of sensors, a mobile application and a web center, which are connected to each other to record water quality data in real time and alert to any emergency.

Excellent Results

The Ministry of Water and Environment and the communities of Bolivia are very grateful for the work done by our professionals, we are still in the process of implementation in Bolivia and soon we will launch the software for other countries.